Coming Soon... Yoga Bath and Yoga Muscle Balm

Cuccio Somatology is excited to announce two more offerings to our line of products; a Yoga Milk Bath and Yoga Muscle Balm, both aimed to help you make the most of your yoga experience. 

Yogahhh! Milk Bath

Have you ever taken a bath that felt you feeling super relaxed, but then later to find out your skin was feeling itchy and dry?  We feel you!

NOW we have a HYDRATING Milk Bath made with 100% real buttermilk and 100% real Epsom Salt/Magnesium Sulfate to hydrate, detox the skin and aid sore muscles.

Made with milk, epsom salt, vanilla bean and mastiha. This bath was formulated for one purpose, relax you from head to toe while hydrating your skin.  It leaves both your mind and body feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  


Yogahhh! Muscle Fitness Balm

Sore muscles after a hard workout or yoga practice?  We have been there! 

That's the sign of a great workout but no need to feel aches + pains anymore!  Our Yogahhh! Muscle Fitness Balm will help sooth post workout muscles and help them recover so you can attack your next workout with energy.  Made with Arnica and Mastiha, both proven to help relieve muscle soreness and inflammation.